TBK Group is the service of choice for sophisticated individuals who have come to expect the most of themselves and their careers.

TBK is a significantly into healthcare recruitment agency specializing in the placement of Medical Doctors and allied health specialists in permanent, visiting or per-diem positions. We at TBK are working and are in close contact with numerous private hospitals in U.A.E. and the Middle East, who are searching medical experience and knowhow from Europe.

Several TBK officials have extensive experience in the healthcare industry. We fully understand the mindset of our employees and what qualities are deemed most significant. Drawing from our internal experience, we place special importance on professionalism, courtesy, honesty, compensation and above all else - respect.

One of the most critical aspects of business is open communication between client, healthcare professional, and vendor. At TBK, we understand the frustration of not getting feedback from your clients. Therefore, we have a policy to return all voice mails and emails within a 24-hour period. Communication is especially critical when you have been submitted to a client for a position. We strive to keep you informed of where things stand throughout the entire process. Whether it is to update you with new information or simply to let you know there has been no change, this contact allows all parties to be current.

We take a personal interest in every candidate. We want to know about your career objectives, qualifications, and requirements. With that information in hand, we put forth our best efforts to help you find that perfect position. Interested in working in the Middle East? Do not hesitate to contact us and we inform you about current open positions.
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