The Premium food Industry is a growing Market within the huge Middle East Food Area. The Gourmet and specialty segment is growing at almost double the rate of the general food market. The “artisan food movement” and the evolution of gourmet/specialty food and premium food internationally is a result of consumer societal and cultural change. Variety is the spice of life, and many of today's consumers crave it. Sampling widely from the enormous pool of food products available is a way to experience new sensations. Linking this to travel and a sense of place adds to the exploratory value of food as does meeting or knowing the maker of the food.

Are you interested in identifying rewarding export opportunities for premium food in Dubai and the Middle East?

Open for new Ideas and innovations in the Premium Food Market, TBK is serving its international clients with key solutions to open up and explore this attractive market.
Our work in the Premium Food Sector is based on our professional contact Network and Strong business relations with important companies in the Middle East, which allows TBK to concentrate on the focus: Market Research, Representing the client, interactive information exchange, Infrastructure and Sales and Support.

We are already working with companies from South America and Europe. Do not hesitate to join us and TBK will open the door for you in the Middle East as well.
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