Waste to Energy as a concept in Waste Management Projects is one of the most up to date themes at this times. Especially in the Middle East with an upcoming responsibility for environmental matters landfill can't be any longer the way to handle the rising amount of waste. Waste should not be seen as a worthless trash but as a useful material to be transformed into energy. At the same time the need of energy is rising which in turn calls the need of more power plants. Both of the problems can be solved with latest state of the art technology by a LTC Low Temperature Conversion. The LTC System has the highest output level of electric energy in MWh / ton of MSW Municipality Solid Waste.

TBK Management Consultancy represent our partner company AGT AG - Swiss / Austria (www.agt-international.eu ) with Marketing & Sales rights for the whole Middle East.

AGT develops and engineers the fully automatic plants in different sizes and standards as per the local requirements as decentralised systems. Most important are the highest efficiency by about 1.74 MWh / ton of MSW and a nearly 100% recycling of the waste.

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